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Professor Daniel Mills, Professor of Veterinary Behaviour in the School of Life Sciences, appeared on the second episode of BBC 2’s prime time programme, Cats vs. Dogs, along with Dr Sophie Hall, also from the School of Life Sciences, Dr Emile van der Zee from the School of Psychology, and colleagues from across the University.

The two-part series, presented by the University of Lincoln’s Visiting Professor Chris Packham, along with Liz Bonnin, conducted a nationwide study into the UK’s favourite domestic animals. The second episode of Cats vs. Dogs was broadcast on Thursday 11th February at 8pm.

The series, made up of two hour-long programmes, observes a range of scientific studies to compare the abilities and temperaments of both cats and dogs.

Professor Mills worked with the team on a range of research projects throughout the series including studies exploring the calming effects of pets, with help from colleagues across the University, and the attachment of dogs and cats to their owners. As part of one study, Professor Mills visited Chris Packham’s home to observe the behaviour of his pet dogs.

The series is available to view again on BBC iPlayer: