Nigel Allinson, Lincoln’s Distinguished Professor of Image Engineering, is an internationally renowned academic whose research has led to major breakthroughs in many aspects of imaging technology, from recording x-ray images of proteins to the streaming of video over the internet. He was recently awarded an MBE for Services to Engineering.

His high-profile forensic science projects, within the criminal justice system and homeland security, include using computer imaging to identify criminals by their shoeprints, and speeding up the transmission of fingerprint information from crime scenes to police bureaux. This technology reduces the time to achieve an identification from days to minutes and is currently used by three quarters of the UK’s police forces. His latest project focuses on new software which allows crime scene officers to take fingerprint and footprint lifts using a smart phone.

Professor Allinson has made major advancements in medical imaging. In particular he has improved the detection and treatment of diseases such as cancer through the real-time monitoring of tumours while patients receive radiotherapy. He has also led teams to develop some of the world’s largest imaging devices for radiology.