Scientists from across the world will gather at the University of Lincoln for the first ever scientific conference focussed on the construction and function of bird nests.

Running for three days from 10th September 2012 at the Think Tank, the conference has been organised by Dr Charles Deeming from the University’s School of Life Sciences, a renowned academic expert on avian reproductive biology.

The aim is to bring together scientists interested in how birds build their nests to provide the appropriate environment to incubate eggs and rear chicks.

Dr Deeming said: “Up to now nests have been perceived as just the receptacle for eggs and chicks, however, there is an increasing amount of information to suggest they are a lot more than that. One of the areas we are interested in is using the study of nests to understand climate change. The conference will explore how nests function, how they are constructed and the decision making process behind that.”

Delegates from 12 different countries, including Australia and North America, will be attending the conference.