This study is investigating how the presence of the family dog affects child behaviour when interacting with an unfamiliar person, and is part of a larger study funded by the Big Lottery on Pet Dogs and Children with Autism.

We are looking to recruit neurotypical children (without tendencies related to Autism, Aspergers, ADHD or related conditions) to match our existing study population. We are specifically looking for boys between the ages of 4-17 and girls between the ages of 6-13. There must also be at least one pet dog in the family.

The study involves a researcher coming to the home and asking your child two sets of 5 simple questions, with the dog present and without the dog present. The scenario will be video recorded for later analysis. The visit takes no longer than 15 minutes and can be scheduled at a time suitable to you (including evenings, weekends, or half term week).

If you live within 30 minutes travel from Lincoln and would like more information please contact Hannah Wright