In May 2013 Dr Mark Baron and Leonie Elie went to Los Angeles, California to attend the 121st meeting of the California Association of Criminalists (CAC).

Dr Baron presented an oral abstract about cutting edge fuel adulteration research using Raman spectroscopy as well as a related poster by his PhD student Kelly Whittingham. Furthermore, he presented a poster on the latest ‘Legal High’ research conducted by him, Mathieu and Leonie Elie. Mrs Elie gave two presentations and showed one poster on her microcrystalline test research in forensic drug analysis.

The event which was hosted by the School of Criminal Justice and Criminalistics featured presentations and workshops in all aspects of forensic sciences such as DNA analysis, firearm and tool mark evaluation, drugs of abuse and several case reports. A detailed abstract list can be found here:

During their 7 day stay Dr Baron and Mrs Elie were also invited to visit two laboratories which performed forensic science case work. They learned about the differences in procedures between the UK and USA as well as meeting with several criminalists in their area of expertise.



Photograph’s from this event have been provided to us by John Houde.