Students and staff from the School of Life Sciences have returned from a field trip to the cloud forests of Ecuador.

The 28 students learned about the conservation, history, flora and fauna of the site and each conducted their own scientific investigation into some aspect of the biology of the area.

They also had the privilege of learning from Ecuadorian Botanist, Anna Mariscal, and world lizard expert Dr Omar Torres-Carvajal, from Quito.

Libby John, Head of the School of Life Sciences, went on the trip with four other members of academic staff.

She said: “The site is amazing in terms of plants and animals with some highlights including the Oncilla (also known as the little spotted cat) caught on our camera trap, the giant worm (over 1m long) that came out in the rain, the wasp that paralyses huge spiders and then buries them alive and the amazing diversity of plants. We were all very well looked after throughout our stay by the local guides and staff at the Santa Lucia Lodge.”

Photo credit: Charles Deeming