Scientists will be swapping the lab for the pub at Lincoln’s first Café Scientifique event next month.

The aim is to bring together like-minded people to chat about major scientific topics and how these advances impact on our lives.

But you don’t need a degree to get involved; the aim is to bring science out of a traditional academic context and open it up for debate in a relaxed environment.

Three University of Lincoln Biomedical students have set up Café Scientifique Lincoln and hope it will bring members of the local community, staff and students together.

Founded by Sean Tomlinson, Rohan Krajeski and Erik Marzaganov, the first Café Scientifique will take place at 6pm on the top floor of The Shed on Monday, 11th November.

Sean said: “I really do think knowledge broadens the mind – on top of what people will learn from the talks, there will be plenty of opportunity for discussion on a whole host of topics over the coming months. This is a great way for people from all backgrounds to share ideas with each other.”

Dr Rajiv Machado, from the University’s School of Life Sciences, who promoted and has supported the concept of a Café Scientifique for Lincoln, will give a talk ‘Unravelling the genome: the future of human health or a Pandora’s box?’

Dr Machado explains: “The last few years have seen a revolution in our ability to rapidly analyse and study the human genome. These advances have led to innumerable breakthroughs in the understanding of human disease, leading to an efficient information transfer from lab bench to hospital bedside. Yet, accessing the complete genetic blueprint of populations comes with inherent risk that, if not ethically managed, may lead to disastrous consequences. I’ll be throwing this topic open for discussion.”

Since 1998, when the first Café Scientifiques were held in Leeds, the cafes have covered almost every conceivable scientific topic from the Big Bang, biodiversity, cancer and code-breaking to Darwinism, ecology, evolution and global warming.

Rohan added: “A lot of people aren’t really exposed to science but this is about having a drink and talking about issues and advancements in an informal setting – there are no right or wrong answers.”

The Lincoln Café will be held on a monthly basis with academics speaking on a variety of issues.

For more information on the Café or how to become a speaker go to