The newly created Café Scientifique will be hosting its second public event for anyone interested in science-based issues.

You don’t need a degree to get involved; the aim is to bring together like-minded people to chat about major scientific topics in a relaxed environment.

The next event on Wednesday, 11th December, will feature a talk by the University of Lincoln’s Dr Marcello Ruta, 350 Million Years of Vertebrate Evolution in the Making’.

He said: This talk explores briefly the major steps in the evolution of limbed vertebrates, from the conquest of land to the diversification of the major groups that we see today, the amphibians (frogs, salamanders) and the amniotes (reptiles, birds, mammals).

“The origin of skeletons capable of supporting the body on land resulted in numerous functional changes and opened up new ecological venues.”

Founded by University students Sean Tomlinson, Rohan Krajeski and Erik Marzaganov, the event will take place at 7.30pm on the top floor of The Shed, Brayford Campus.

It is free and open to members of the public.

The Lincoln Cafe will be held on a monthly basis with academics speaking on a variety of issues.

For more information on the Cafe or how to become a speaker go to