Life Sciences students presented a number of research projects at a recent symposium held by the University of Lincoln’s Medical Society.

Presentations included a review of a specific therapy used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, medical work placement opportunities and delivery of biotherapeutics.

Particular highlights of the presentations included Biomedical Science student Stephen Wade’s detailed descriptions of how peptide-guided drug uptake studies on an immortalised cell line could be performed using green fluorescent protein (GFP) as a mock drug and tracer.

Fellow Biomedical Science student Erik Marzaganov gave an array of useful tips to those seeking medical work-experience prior to studying post-graduate medicine, based on his own extensive experience. He encouraged students to broaden their scope beyond the UK, having himself gained work experience in Mexico, Russia and Germany.

Following the presentations Dr Alan Goddard and Dr Lorna Lancaster, from the School of Life Sciences, offered advice to those students wishing to gain a place on summer research projects.

Barnaby Meek, Vice President of the Medical Society and Life Sciences undergraduate, said: The idea was to capitalise on the research projects that were made available to undergraduate students here at Lincoln by providing the opportunity for students to present their work to peers. This was an event that was conceived with the principles of ‘Student as Producer’ in mind: it was organised by undergraduates for the benefit of undergraduates.

“The evening was well-attended and highly successful thanks to the combined efforts of the whole committee and the confident chairing of the night by MedSoc President Sophia Smyth. Hopefully, the evening was able to prepare some of the first and second year students wishing to gain similar research projects in their summer breaks and give them an insight into the kind of research opportunities available to them.”