A Biomedical and Medical Sciences student has won more than £3,000 worth of specialist equipment and training

PhD Student Anastasios Karountzos, who was nominated by supervisor Dr Rajiv Machado, was one of just 20 winners chosen for the 2014 Gold Sponsored Student programme by Primerdesign Ltd.

He will receive qPCR kits (quantitative polymerase chain reaction), which is a laboratory technique used to amplify and simultaneously quantify a targeted DNA molecule.

Dr Machado, from the School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln, UK, said: “In the context of disease this is important to understand the effect of identified mutations and, also, the potential deregulation of gene/protein networks affected by the initial mutational defect. In our work, three independent projects will benefit greatly from this award based around pulmonary vascular disease.”

Overall 20 ‘Gold’ level sponsorships were awarded this year to research students in various institutions across the UK.

On receiving the award, Anastasios said: “I feel honoured that our research group has been selected for this generous sponsorship from Primerdesign, which will provide us with professional support and training in qPCR based experiments from experts in the field.”

Primerdesign will also be offering to present two seminars which will be available to the whole institution.

These seminars, given by qPCR experts, will demonstrate ways for life scientists at the University of Lincoln to improve standards in their real-time PCR experiments and generate better quality data.

Dr Jim Wicks, Managing Director Primer said: “We aim to help qPCR students obtain the best possible data from their experiments and publish in accordance with the MIQE guidelines. Being former researchers ourselves we want to make qPCR as painless as possible and give something back to fellow students.”

Primerdesign is a successful spin-out from the University of Southampton. They specialise in the supply of assays, kits and reagents for use in real-time PCR.​