The Lincolnshire Police Dog Section gave an impressive demonstration as part of the international Canine Science Forum taking place at the University of Lincoln this week.

There are currently 16 handlers who handle a variety of dogs including German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Malinois, Labrador, Spaniel and Border Collie.

The German Shepherds are trained to track from scenes of crimes, to search premises and open countryside for persons who are either missing from home or in pursuit of criminals. They are also trained to search for lost or stolen property; attack persons armed with weapons, and bite and detain people.

Just as important is the training for when not to bite people. The training they receive enables them to carry out any of the above in many different scenarios and locations and still remain under the control of their handler.

Drugs dogs also search for firearms, currency i.e. Sterling and Euros and will indicate people in possession of drugs. The drugs detection dogs are trained to search for and indicate a variety of different drugs and as expected the explosives detection dogs are trained to do the same on a variety of different explosives.

Both the Canine Science Forum and the Feline Science Forum were held at Lincoln Performing Art Centre (LPAC) within the University of Lincoln’s Brayford campus.

The final day of the conference on Friday, 18th July will focus on companion animal research.

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