Dr Meredith Tise, a Lecturer and Forensic Anthropologist, has joined the Forensic Science team in the School of Life Sciences.

Meredith joins the University of Lincoln from the University of South Florida, where her research focussed on looking at how the population variation in Latin America and the Caribbean can be used to improve forensic anthropological techniques to identify human skeletal remains in forensic cases and mass disaster situations.  She plans to expand her research to other regions, including Europe, to improve identification rates in skeletal casework.

Her most recent paper for the Annals of Anthropological Practice was “Craniometric Variation of Diverse Populations in Florida: Identification Challenges within a Border State.”

Meredith has taken on a Lecturer position and joins Gillian Fowler and Dr Lucy Easthope who also specialise in Forensic Anthropology.

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