A book, which included a chapter by disaster response expert Dr Lucy Easthope from the University of Lincoln, has won an award from the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST).

‘Disaster and Politics: Materials, Experiments, Preparedness’ (Wiley-Blackwell 2014) was awarded the Amsterdamska Award for ‘a significant creative collaboration in an edited book in the broad field of science and technology studies’ at the EASST Conference held in Torun, Poland.

The EASST Council stated: “This book represents a long-standing, extensive, diverse and interactive collaboration among senior and junior European and international STS colleagues. The edited collection contributes original insights into disasters, their ontology, governance and related preparedness. Its creative development of the theme enriches a core concern of the Science and Technology Studies domain.”

Dr Easthope’s chapter ‘Technologies of recovery: plans, practices and entangled politics in disaster’ was written in collaboration with Professor Maggie Mort from Lancaster University.

The chapter states: “Recovery practices following the loss of home, sense of security, space and possessions have recently become a focus of UK government attention. How people recover from disasters is seen to have a direct bearing on individual, community and economic well-being, so that the recovery itself becomes a form of social change.

“A plethora of instruments: templates, checklists and guidance documents have been produced to effect this recovery. We term these ‘technologies of recovery’, which work within a wider context of disaster planning aimed at bringing order where much is uncertain, reactive and dependent on emerging relations between people, things and spaces.”