A leading cardiovascular disease researcher from the University of Lincoln, UK, has been invited to take part in a debate comprising top thinkers from science, medicine, health, economics, government and the media.

Dr Rajiv Machado, from the School of Life Sciences, is one of a group of prominent scientists invited to join the audience for the Astellas Innovation Debate 2015 at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London.

Dr Machado is an eminent voice in the fight against Pulmonary Hypertension and has published breakthrough research into the causes of this debilitating vascular disease.

The debate brings together some of the world’s most progressive thinkers to discuss the role of innovation in solving the greatest challenges of our time. Past panellists have included Nobel Laureates Professor Sir Andre Geim and Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, Lord Robert Winston, Baroness Sally Greengross and Professor Brian Cox.

This year’s debate entitled ‘I-Genes: What the DNA and Data Revolutions Mean for our Health’, chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby, will explore whether science and technology can deliver truly personalised healthcare for all. George Freeman MP, Minister for Life Sciences, will give the keynote speech.

With the price of DNA sequencing plummeting, and the increasing ‘smartness’ of handheld electronics and point-of-care diagnostics, the prospect of personalised medicine fine-tuned to a patient’s genetic make-up no longer seems a far-off dream. Already health apps are giving the public unprecedented opportunities to monitor and manage their own fitness; in the future, we are promised, technology and genomics will combine to utterly change the patient’s experience.

As major projects like the UK government’s 100,000 Genome Project gear up to provide the fundamental medical science this future will need, the panel of world-leading experts will debate just what differences this new era of personalised healthcare will deliver.

The Innovation Debate 2015, which takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday, 29th January, will be broadcast live through innovationdebate.com and newscientist.com/innovation_debate