Research from academics in the Schools of Pharmacy and Life Sciences is the focus of a feature in Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology.

​Dr Enrico Ferrari from the School of Life Sciences, who specialises in assembling proteins, and Dr Ishwar Singh from the School of Pharmacy, who has expertise on DNA-binding molecules, are part of an international project which aims to drastically improve cancer diagnostics and treatment options.

They will be creating a diagnostic ‘nanodecoder’, which will consist of self-assembled DNA and protein nanostructures, which will greatly advance biomarker detection and provide accurate molecular characterisation enabling more detailed evaluation of how diseased tissues respond to therapies.

Dr Singh and Dr Driton Vllasaliu are also carrying out research into how medicinal ‘biologics’ can be delivered to diseased cells​, with the aim of creating new treatments for prostate cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and cystic fibrosis.

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The article is taken from Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, March 2015 issue, pages 52-54. © Samedan Ltd​