Renowned dog trainer Victoria Stilwell, from Channel 4’s It’s Me or the Dog, will be joined by some of the UK’s top animal-related professionals at the National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference at the University of Lincoln, UK.

Stilwell founded the conference as well as the UK’s first National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which runs from 7th-14th June, to highlight the need for education and awareness with regard to the largely preventable problem of people being bitten by dogs.

The TV personality and best-selling author will be appearing alongside the University of Lincoln’s clinical animal behaviour specialist Professor Daniel Mills, Professor of Forensic Psychology Todd Hogue and Professor in Developmental Psychology, Kerstin Meints.

Since 1998 hospital admissions from dog bites have increased by approximately 50 per cent in the UK and more people, including children, are being bitten by dogs. The tragedy, says Stilwell, is that in most of these cases and others, such bites are preventable.

The conference aims to find practical and workable solutions to this universal problem through education and heightened awareness for those most at risk.

Stillwell said: “I am devastated each time I hear about someone being bitten, mauled or killed, especially when most of these incidences could have been prevented. Education is key, not just for parents and kids, but for professionals and educators who must all work together to spread awareness and encourage responsible pet ownership.”

The National Dog Bite Prevention and Behaviour Conference is open to all animal industry professionals, child educators, shelter workers, medical professionals, emergency personnel, dog wardens, delivery personnel, trainers and dog lovers.

The two-day seminar features dynamic presentations from Stilwell, Professor Mills and other leading canine behavioural experts including certified pet dog trainer Nando Brown, certified clinical animal behaviourist David Ryan, veterinary surgeon and clinical animal behaviourist Kendal Shepherd, dog law specialist Trevor Cooper and vice chair of the Canine Massage Guild Louise Swindlehurst. Topics include: the role of fear in aggression, recognising and interpreting canine body language, the link between pain and aggressive behaviour, safe-handling of aggressive dogs and dog bite investigations.

Following the conference, Victoria Stilwell Positively Dog Training (VSPDT) is partnering with other organisations such as Wood Green Animal Shelter, Dogs Helping Kids and The Kennel Club’s Safe and Sound Scheme for the UK’s first National Dog Bite Prevention Week. This is a week-long media event which aims to use media and social media to spread the word about responsible and safe pet guardianship as well as promoting a better understanding of all dogs.

Register for the conference or find out more event details here.