Here we have top tips on keeping your pets calm and safe this Bonfire Night from Animal Behaviour Clinic’s Senior Technician, Lynn Hewison.

  • Walk your dog early in the day whilst it is light or early in the evening to reduce them hearing any fireworks.
  • When at home, close all doors, windows and curtains and turn the television and/or radio on to dampen any noises your pet may hear.
  • Ensure your cat is kept indoors overnight. Rabbits and guinea pigs should either be moved inside the house or into somewhere that noise can be muffled.
  • Ensure your pet has plenty of water available and food available as per your pets normal requirements. With cats, make sure the litter tray is clean and there are plenty of resources in different locations available in multi-cat households.
  • If your dog or cat goes and hides somewhere, leave them and do not try and move them somewhere else. However, if they settle in the room with you, you can offer a chew or toy to help keep them occupied.
  • If your cat or dog has a safe place they use, the use of pheromones such as Feliway (cats) or ADAPTIL (dogs) can be used to help them feel more secure in these areas.
  • If your pet is scared of fireworks or other loud noises, seek advice from your vet or through referral to the University of Lincoln Animal Behaviour Clinic here.