We held a School of Life Sciences ‘Meet the Graduates’ event at the University of Lincoln to give our students an insight into what post-university life is really like.

From going onto a Masters, a Masters-in research, a PhD or starting up your own business, this MtG event left everyone feeling motivated and inspired.


•  MPhil/PhD student Joseph Brown

•  Masters by Research student Benedict Chivers

•  MSc Biotechnology student Deborah Hart

•  PhD student Karen Hornigold

•  Sandra Murphy owns her own business, Equidiet



Be your own boss

IMG_1358Sandra Murphy had a great idea for a product in the beginning of her career, took the idea to Dragon’s Den and was unsuccessful and ‘lost everything’. But what she did come out with, was learning experience. She knew she needed to go back to school, so she did.

Sandra says: “Life is like a river, why paddle up stream and make it harder for yourself when you can go down stream and fgo with the flow.”

She learned her trade, got the credibility with her degree, made sure it was her passion and loves what she does.

Sandra now owns her own company Equidiet and is selling her product, EquidGel. A must-have in any horses diet.

“I learned by falling over and getting back up again. It’s all about trial and error. Be confident in yourself and what you want to do, you are the one who can bring yourself out, and you have to be bold.

“Things come to you if you go down the route you’re supposed too.

“If you’re passionate about what you do, it gives you the energy. It is hard, you have to work hard in the beginning. You need to stand out, ask questions, write things down and do the research. You can’t sit back and wait for it all to come to you.”

Looking at a PhD?


Joseph found out that research plans and ideas can fall through. But he is now looking at chicken environments, it has been taken up by a paid-for scheme and he has travelled all over the world for conferences. He is now working in collaboration with London Imperial College.




IMG_5948Get as much experience you can

Ben is working with an academic on his Masters by research and through his established work in the lab and experience he gained during his time as a student, he was chosen to work on key projects within the School of Life Sciences.

It’s not too late

Deborah didn’t have an easy student experience when she broke her jaw as an undergraduate and had a lot of time out of university. She applied herself in other ways, making up the time by volunteering in university projects and she says it is the best thing that could have happened. Two days after graduating, she was teaching A-Level Chemistry due to her involvement in demonstrations throughout the year.



If you can, you will

Karen Hornigold took on conservation projects when she left university, which then lead to a staff position in Honduras. She did a research Masters and took on a European Volunteer Service 12-months scheme on a Bear and Wolf Project. Karen was able to go back there as a staff member to work on other projects and has completed a PhD, been to world-wide conferences and released work in publications and also helps in demonstrator teaching.


With the introduction of Postgraduate Loans for 2016/17, a Postgraduate degree is more attainable than ever. Find out how you can study your Masters or Masters by Research at the University of Lincoln.