See below for an amazing opportunity for a PhD placement in Dog Cognition and Behaviour.


Are you interested in carrying out a PhD at our lab (, in the field of Dog Cognition and Behaviour. 

The University of Padua (Italy) is offering PhD research fellowships dedicated to non-italian candidates. As of now, there are 15 PhD grants available, for PhD courses commencing on October 1st 2016 and ending September 30th 2019. 

Each position will be covered by a fellowship of 13.640 Euro per year (gross value), plus full board and lodging for the three year course. Full details of the call are available here:

The deadline for the application is April 22nd 2016.

 Our research group (DogUP Lab, run by Prof. Lieta Marinelli and Dr. Paolo Mongillo) is one of the destinations that applicants can choose.

Our current main research topics are: 1) the characterisation of the dog as a model for human conditions characterised by cognitive/behavioural changes, such as senile cognitive decline and ADHD; 2) a deeper understanding on cognitive and behavioural effects of gonadectomy in family dogs; 3) improving the management of dogs in real-life situations as well as in a range of typical canine working activities. More information about our lab can be found at

We encourage interested applicants to contact Dr. Paolo Mongillo ( as soon as they can, to discuss details about a potential PhD project and for any further information they need.