As part of study at the University of Lincoln, students within the School of Life Sciences have the chance to go on optional overseas field trips. The most recent group visit took place in July this year, to the Cloud Forest in Ecuador.

These student trips provide the opportunity to do research in a novel environment and to study local plants and animals, with previous field trip destinations have included Portugal, South Africa, Chile and Scotland.

Students who visited Ecuador in July learnt about plants in the forest and also improved their insect identification skills, pictured below. Also pictured is a very rare sunset the group witnessed together outside their lodge; the climate in the Cloud Forest means that it’s either foggy or rainy at the end of the day.

Also pictured are the University of Lincoln vs Santa Lucia football teams lining up for a very exciting match (they won 5-2!).
Students were able to work in the field microbiology lab to look at plant antimicrobial properties, learn about sugar-cane production and make fake frogs to examine predation patterns in the Cloud Forest.

They were able to visit a local waterfall and had the opportunity to swim in the river, later looking for tarantulas on a night walk!

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