Staff at the School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln UK, were awarded with a winning canvas of their scientific cell imaging, after taking part in a competition set by Vector Laboratories. 


Dr Colin Butter, Reader in Bioveterinary Science and Karen Staines, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Avian Immunology) submitted cell imaging, using a confocal microscope.


Karen and Dr Butter's winning image
Karen and Dr Butter’s winning image


The image is of CHO (Chinese Hamster Ovary) cells which have been genetically manipulated to express a chicken Mannose Receptor protein and established as a cloned cell line. These cells provide a model to investigate receptor function. The nuclei are stained blue, Mannose receptor is stained red and the cytoskeleton of the cell is stained green. They provide a model to investigate receptor function and Bethany Auld, a 3rd year undergraduate project student, is currently using this cell line to investigate endocytosis.

Student Bethany and Karen
Student Bethany and Karen


Representatives from Vector Laboratories visited the School on Tuesday 14th February 2018, to present Karen and her student, Bethany, with their prize – a photographic canvas of the cells.


Entries from the competition all featured an application using at least one piece of equipment from Vector Laboratories. The scientific company, with headquarters in the United States, is a worldwide major manufacturer of reagents for biomedical research. Other winning images from the competition can be viewed here.


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