An interesting new study looking at making vapour from electronic cigarettes safer for indoor pets has been launched by a team of researchers at the University of Lincoln.

The multi-disciplinary research being conducted by scientists from the Schools of Life Sciences, Chemistry and Pharmacy will primarily focus on the passive vaping of indoor cats and participants will be required to collect a small sample of their pets hair (0.1 gram) for submission and follow up with a short questionnaire. Currently, the long term effects of vaping and passive vaping have not been exclusively explored and both pets and humans can be passive vapers.

Results from the study will calculate the association between household vaping and possible effects on indoor cats to ensure that a safer vaping environment can be put in place.

If you vape indoors and own an indoor cat, you are invited to take part in the study and can register your interest by emailing Ellis at:

Participants will be sent a small sealable bag and rubber gloves in order to procure the hair sample.