Life Sciences at Lincoln ranked number 1 in NSS

Life Sciences at Lincoln has ranked number one in the latest National Student Survey!

Our third year students have rated us number one in the UK for Biochemistry, Bioveterinary Science and Animal Behaviour & Welfare, and Zoology in the National Student Survey.

The National Student Survey is completed by final year students and is a measure of how satisfied students are with their university education. These are wonderful results and as a School we are very proud! 

Head of School, Libby John would like to thank the third years who took the time to complete the survey and feed back to us on their time here.

“I think much of our success comes from the fantastic support we get from our student reps who let us know how things are going and how we can improve the experience for all students – so I want to give all our reps a huge thank you.

I look forward to seeing most of you in September – either at graduation as you move on to the next stage in your career or when you are back at Lincoln as returning students.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the summer in the meantime.”

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Looking to go into postgraduate study?

RyanAustinWe spoke to MSc Forensic Anthropology student Ryan Austin who was awarded a Joseph Banks Scholarship to continue his studies here at University of Lincoln.

Ryan boasts the positives, saying: “The Forensic Anthropology course and the lecturers are brilliant; it’s a very hands-on course and the lecturers experience is fundamental.

“We’ve got experts in Forensic Anthropology and Disaster Victim Identification. We can develop the course and make sure it’s for the students and made for them rather than it being stale and the same every year.”

PhDs can be heavily research-based, but Ryan says not to let it put you off, adding: “It’s brilliant and really interesting, but hard work.”

For anyone looking into postgraduate courses, he advised: “Look at the universities interests and see what they’re doing, see what the lecturers are doing and their skills set and what their current research topics are. You can then see if any of your ideas fit in with their current research interests.”

There are a range of scholarships on offer to help fund your postgraduate degree here at Lincoln.

“I did mine through the Joseph Banks Scholarship, which was a very short application where you outline your method and research interests and go through the interview process, and then you find out if you’re accepted.”

Ryan is hoping to get the university interested in his research topics when it comes to the REF 2020 and wants to one day become a lecturer at the University of Lincoln.

See more information on postgraduate scholarships here.

Former student is penguin wrangler

Former Animal Behaviour student Evelyn Guyett, recently featured her work in New Scientist.

“Perhaps surprisingly, Guyett is neither a PhD student nor a professor ”

To read the article online, see